Chinese Huaguang Advanced Welding Evaluates Investment in Portugal


Hangzhou Huaguang Advanced Welding Materials is negotiating an investment in Portugal, the municipality of Covilhã revealed.

The president of the Portuguese municipality, Vítor Pereira, told Radio Macau after a visit to China that the Chinese company is interested in creating a factory and a technological center.

“We are already looking for ground for them to effectively start advancing with a factory unit,” said Pereira.

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The mayor led a delegation from Covilhã that visited the headquarters of the Hangzhou Huaguang Advanced Welding Materials group in Hangzhou, the capital of the Zhejiang province in eastern China.

The group works “in the area of micro welding” and “had as many workers as researchers”, pointed out Vítor Pereira.

The delegation, which included the chairman of the municipal company ADC — Águas da Covilhã, João Marques, also passed through Macau, where he held a meeting with the president of the Institute of Municipal Affairs, José Tavares.

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Huaguang, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, China’s financial capital, was founded in 1995 and, according to the group’s Internet page, holds 61 patents linked to the manufacture of alloys for welding silver or copper.

The company sells products to more than 600 companies such as the Japanese Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Hitachi and the German Siemens, in about 30 countries, including Portugal.


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