Chinese cryptocurrency platform Binance to expand in Portugal


Chinese-born cryptocurrency platform Binance is set to invest in Portugal, hire local talent and promote blockchain projects launched by Portuguese entrepreneurs.

According to Binance, “Portugal is a technology hub for all of Europe” and the company wants “to contribute to the development of this cutting-edge ecosystem”. Alberto Ortiz, Country Head of Binance of Iberia, said in a statement that the company is determined “to invest in Portugal, to hire local talent and to promote blockchain projects launched by Portuguese entrepreneurs”.

Binance has joined Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain, a non-profit association that includes, among other companies, Microsoft, Vodafone, BBVA, Everis and more than 20 major law firms operating in Portugal.

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The company’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, recently said in an interview with Negócios newspaper in Portugal, that Binance “is very interested” in expanding its presence in Portugal.

“We would love to physically establish ourselves here, have a local presence and get licenses. We want to offer our services locally and have a local currency. We would love to,” added “CZ”, as he is also known by fans.

Rui Serapicos, president of Aliança Portuguesa de Blockchain, said in a statement that the organization is ready to “introduce all the ‘stakeholders’ of the local blockchain ecosystem to Binance and also to collaborate with them in the launch of some promising training programs in blockchain and crypto”.

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With the entry of the platform into this alliance, Binance will start immediately and in the near future to launch “training programs in blockchain and crypto, hand in hand with the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance and the most prestigious Universities and Business Schools in the country”, the statement adds.

The most prominent Portuguese academic institutions are associated with this organization, such as the Catholic University, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG) and Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

The platform is looking for its headquarters worldwide. Whether Portugal can be a chance is something that Binance does not reveal. The international press has, however, pointed to Dubai as CZ’s choice, as the CEO recently bought his first home in the region, justifying that it is “crypto-friendly”.


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