China´s On-line Retail Giants Shein and Temu Support Portugal´s CTT Growth in Spain

Portugal´s main postal company, CTT, is growing in Spain, with the express deliveries of China´s on-line retail giants Shein and Temu.
The Portuguese company wants to compete in Spain with the national postal company, Correos, and is winning the ‘battle’ for online commerce with Shein and Temu deliveries, according to El Economista.
The spanish newspaper adds that CTT Express has accumulated several years of growth in shipment volume and in recent months incorporated in its network about 13 thousand distribution points throughout the Iberian Peninsula, of which 10 thousand are in Spain, where online orders are growing exponentially.

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Sources from Temu told El Economista that the brand has recently expanded its shipping logistics network in Europe, strengthening its relations with various logistics operators, including the CTT and specify that the company serves as an intermediary in Portugal and Spain.

Shein emphasizes that CTT are already a well-known partner in the area, and the Portuguese company is meeting the expectations of this online trading operators: reduce costs, speed up deliveries so that they reach consumers in a more affordable way.

CTT´s network also has more than 60 distribution centres in both countries, 17 of which are large logistics centres that are central points of their network.

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In 2022, CTT Express opened offices in Jaén, Seville, Málaga, Murcia, Logroño, Madrid and Zaragoza.

CTT was privatized after the financial bailout to Portugal in 2013, and has invested in online commerce.

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