China´s BYD Among Top-6 Selling EVs in Portugal


Chinese automaker BYD is now in the top-6 of best selling EVs in Portugal, according to official data.

The latest statistics released by the Portuguese Automobile Association (ACAP) show that in January and February BYD sold 251 units, ahead of 236 by Volkswagen.

BYD already has points of sale throughout the country, and the cheapest model (of the five that it already has available in the domestic market) starts at 29.990 euros, one of the most affordable in the EV segment.

Chinese BYD e-vehicles launched in Portugal by Salvador Caetano

In February alone, BYD sold 123 cars nationwide, according to ACAP.

BYD is now the 6th best selling EV brand, in a ranking led by Tesla, which in the cumulative of the first two months of this year sold 1704 electric cars.

The nest best-selling automakers – BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Citroën – sold combined 1,608 electric cars in the first two months of this year.



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