China-Europe Freight Trains Exceed 85,000


The cumulative number of China-Europe freight trains has exceeded 85,000, and it has opened a new bridge for economic and trade cooperation for Eurasian continent, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The routes of the freight trains have grown from scratch, and the transportation capacity has grown “from small to large,” opening a new bridge for economic and trade cooperation for Eurasian continent, spokesperson Mao Ning said.

In the past decade, the customs clearance and inspection along the China-Europe freight trains have become more convenient, the business environment at ports has continued to be optimized, and international transportation regulations have become more standardized, Mao said.

Record Number of China-Europe Freight Train Trips From Manzhouli in 2023

Relying on the freight train service, China has achieved closer cooperation with Central Asia and Europe, and its economy and trade have become more prosperous.

A large number of companies of international trade, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain have taken root in areas along the route, and industries such as manufacturing, commerce, finance and information are continuously being upgraded, making products welcomed in China and European countries, Mao said.

China-Europe freight trains will continue to operate at full capacity, injecting new impetus into the development of the Eurasian continent, Mao said.

China-European Union trade rises 12.2% in Q1 reported that more than 1,000 China-Europe freight trains have been operated in a single month for 46 consecutive months.

At present, China-Europe trains have reached 25 countries in Europe, and the number of connected cities has increased from 217 in 2023 to 219.

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