Cabo Verde With More FDI From Portugal and Less From China


Cabo Verde had more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from Portugal in 2020 and less from China, according to data from the African country´s central bank.

Portugal led FDI in Cape Verde in 2020, with 1.478 million escudos (more than 13 million euros), according to provisional data from the central bank.

FDI in the country fell 32.5% in 2020, to around 7,080 million escudos (63.6 million euros), because of constraints caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

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FDI from Portugal in Cape Verde was mostly directed at tourism and tourist real estate (730.8 million escudos, 6.5 million euros), according to the same report.

FDI from Spain was second, soaring 39% compared to 2019, to more than 1.249 billion escudos (about 11 million euros) in 2020.

Angolan investment decreased to 242.1 million escudos (2 million euros) while Chinese fell to 215.8 million escudos (1.9 million euros).


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