Brazil and China Sign Cooperation Agreement on Tourism


A Chinese delegation of businessmen and political representatives met with representatives of the Brazilian Federal Government to sign a cooperation agreement involving tourism and cultural activities, at the Planalto Palace in Brasilia.

The state of Goiás is taking part in the collaboration through the Goiás State Industry and Commerce Association (Aiceg), while the state of Bahia is present through the Bahia Academy of Music (Ambah), with the participation of the Ministry of Culture (Minc).

The Chinese company Jinan Culture and Tourism Industry Operation Company, from the municipality of Jinan, signed two cooperation agreements, one with Acieg and the other with Ambah.

Brazilian Agency Sees Trade With China Growing Even Further

Yu Haitian, the city’s mayor, was in Brasilia with an entourage of at least seven representatives. Among them, Han Zhenguo, his secretary of government; Liu Ruiling, director of Foreign Affairs; and Bai Bing, president of the Jinan tourism company.

The executive secretary of the Brazilian government’s Secretariat for Institutional Relations, Olavo Noleto, introduced the authorities, brokered the meeting and received a symbolic gift on behalf of the Brazilian government: a porcelain plate with a painting of one of China’s most important waterfalls.

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